Tiny Stationary!

Tiny Cards by Thereza Rowe at Tiny Red Designs.

Tiny Elephant!

Pygmy Elephants via ABC News

Another Tiny Car!

from autoblog.com

Tiny Pies! Plus a tiny pie fight!

Photo from the beautiful photoblog, Grass Doe
Millimetres Matter Video via The Mini Pie Revolution Headquarters

Another Tiny House!

It's a 64 square foot solar home via Tiny House Design.
Yep, you read that right: it's a website devoted to Tiny Houses. Sigh.

Tiny Record Player!

This tiny walk down memory lane brought to you by the Internet Museum of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records.

And...another tiny dog! In guess what? Another tiny Chair!!!

via The Quincy Pundit

It's official. I have created a tag "Tiny Animals in Tiny Chairs."

A Tiny Grand Piano!

Video courtesy of japantrendshop.com
Photo via spluch.blogspot.com

A Tiny Cupcake!

via Cupcake Chic

A Tiny Owl!

from www.jennifermarohasy.com

Tiny Dolls for Dolls!

via dollcloset.com

A Tiny Toy!

It was nearly impossible to pick which one was my favorite. Please do yourself a favor and check out more photos by Ellen van Deelen.

A Tinier Version of a Tiny Thing!!!

This one deserved it's own post. Photo by Ellen van Deelen.

A Tiny Church!

For this and more tiny churches, please stop by www.fmca.com

Breaking News! A Tiny T Rex!

An adult Raptorex was about 9 feet tall and weighed about 150 pounds, scientists say.
-- A pint-sized version of the Tyrannosaurus rex, with similarly powerful legs, razor-sharp teeth and tiny arms, roamed China some 125 million years ago, said scientists who remain startled by the discovery.
The predator, nicknamed Raptorex, lived about 60 million years before the T. rex and was slightly larger than the human male, scientists said.
Thanks to Eoghan O. for the link!

Tiny Cows!

Miniature Zebu Cattle via www.rgbexotics.com

Tiny Eames Chairs!

from The Mid-Century Modernist

Another Tiny Dog! In another tiny chair!??

via apartmenttherapy.com

Tiny Beers!

This tiny toast courtesy of www.rachelleb.com

Tiny Sweaters!

Please visit knitter Althea Crome's website, bugknits.com
Thanks to Mary Lawrie for the heads up!

Tiny Gun!

The SwissMiniGun weighs in at just 0.7oz yet is powerful enough to kill a man.
via www.dailymail.co.uk

Tiny Flower Bouquet!

from www.jameshull.com/

Tiny Books Galore!

Photograph from Harry N. Abrams via www.nytimes.com.
Click on the link to read an article about miniature books.

Tiny Chessboard!

Chess board on the head of a pin. By Nicolai Siadristy via his website.